ZHF-100A Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine
  • Siemens PLC system

    Siemens electric motor and eletric appliance part

    American photoelectricity and sensor

    Germany FESTO pneumatic component

    PLC human-machine interface


  • Tubes flippered into and pressed down into the tube pucks automatically

    Adopt the spring tube pucks ensuring the same height of sealed tail.

    Using automatic right color systems ensuring the automatic right superscript of oval or other special-shaped tubes..

    Adopt mechanical drive mode filling system ensuring the stability of loading.

    Adopt original binding LEISTER air heater

    Have the tubes auto setdown, tubes auto purge,the mark auto fund,and auto filling and sealing functions.

    The speed can be stepless frequency convert,the tube setdown function can be finished by main machine matching with console model and big capacity tube store.

    The product quantity can be controlled

    When filling is finished, the end is blown away by the air blower and cut off ensuring high viscosity materials filling.

    Column model heat preservation agitation system.(optional).

    Ultrasonic wave material position automatic detection system.

    The material position can be accurately detected and can be showed derectly on the touch screen with the match of the BANNER ultrasonic wave position automatic detection system and Siemens module. (optional)

    No tube no fill


Technical Parameters

Filling volume

1-400ml/unit (Adjustable)

Filling accuracy



4000-4800unit/hour, Adjustable

Tube diameter

Φ10-60 mm

Tube length


Hopper volume



380V/220V (Optional)

Air pressure

0.4-0.6 MPa

Machine power


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