Our products become the first choice for many users for the following reasons:

  • specialization

    For more than 20 years, the company has only independently developed, designed, manufactured and sold cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging production line equipment, products have independent intellectual property rights.

  • high ---- of integrity

    (1) A large number of actual users are free to choose from field visits, and users in use have the most say.
    (2) More than 20 years of operation, no illegal acts, no litigation accidents.
    The company has become an influential, competitive and credible enterprise of packaging machinery.

  • quality of service

    (1) Professional marketing team, processing and assembly team, installation and commissioning team, market maintenance team.
    (2) To implement the principle of "who assembles, who installs and debugs, who repairs ", so as to save time for users and improve productivity efficiency.
    (3)24-hour direct telephone contact between marketing, design and commissioning personnel and users.

  • equipment high quality, fine, stable

    The equipment fully meets the requirements of the GMP standards and has been CE certified.
    (2) The company has CNC machining workshop, ordinary metal processing workshop, sheet metal workshop, material workshop, all mechanical parts independent design, processing, no outsourcing production, fully ensure speed, efficiency, accuracy.
    (3) The company has a research and development center for high-tech enterprises, specializing in packaging design and production of non-standard products.
    (4) Standardized large spare parts warehouse to ensure adequate and timely supply of spare parts.
    (5) User equipment and all parts and components shall be individually numbered and documented to ensure the timeliness, validity and accuracy of after-sales service.
    (6) Fully automated, modular design of joint control equipment for users to improve efficiency, reduce manpower, cost savings, increase efficiency.

  • Factory overview

  • Workshop Overview

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